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Our next beginner's course will be starting on Wednesday the 11th January at 11am. Each of our courses (beginner, developer, intermediate) consists of a series of eight lessons covering different aspects of the game. Lessons last two hours and involve formal tuition and table practice.

The course costs 140 for the eight lessons, payment will be taken after the first lesson and there is a discount of 15% for every friend you enrol.

The course will be taught by Tim West-Meads and Oana Girboan

Course Overview

Lesson 1: The Basics. An introduction to the mechanics bidding and play and how to value a bridge hand.

Lesson 2: Opening and Responding. The basic structure of opening bids and how partner should respond.

Lesson 3: Progressing the Auction. Developing the auction to find the right strain and level.

Lesson 4: Declaring the Hand. Some key principles of playing techniques - maximising your tricks.

Lesson 5: On Defence. Working co-operatively with partner to defeat a contract.

Lesson 6: Competitive Bidding. When both sides get active in the auction.

Lesson 7: Some Key Conventions. Stayman, Blackwood, Fourth Suit Forcing and Cue-bids.

Lesson 8: Putting it into practice. A competitive supervised practice session.

To enrol in the weekend course go to Learn Bridge in a Weekend

To enrol on the Wednesday course or for general enquiries please contact Tim West-Meads or Oana Girboan on 07973 384902 or Email: thewood@sjwbc.co.uk

Supervised Practice, Mondays 7.15pm

As a supplement to formal lessons, or simply as an aid to players already familiar with the game, there is nothing quite like playing real hands. Whether participating or simply standing ready to answer questions our teachers will ensure that the learning points encountered from hand to hand are identified and taken on board. Each supervised group is encouraged to develop at its own pace. We are happy to provide pre-dealt hands to emphasise certain themes or simply take things as they come from deals arising at the table.

Private Coaching

As players develop their skills they will each find different aspects of the game which particularly interest them. For some it may be esoteric playing techniques, for others it may be the psychological aspects of dealing with partners and opponents, or perhaps the mathematical aspects of probability theory. We see our coaching service as an opportunity for people to explore, in-depth, any aspect of the game.

St John's Wood Bridge Club
Tel: 07973 384 902

Email: thewood@sjwbc.co.uk

St John's Wood Bridge Club
Tel: +44 (0)7973 384902 EMail: thewood@sjwbc.co.uk